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   What's good world? The name is G-U and I wanna welcome ya'll to what I like to call "The Chase". This website is built to keep all of my fans updated on what I got going on musically in my life. It will be updated and ran completely by me so ya'll can read things in MY WORDS, because at the end of the day, I want yall to know who I am. I have a Dream that I plan to reach and I welcome yall to witness the chase. This main page also doubles as a "blog" as well, where I'll be posting up random things that spark my interest, whether its music videos, news, pictures of sexy girls(haha) or whatever the case may be. Feel free to comment on the randomness and enjoy my music. Let's get it.

Viva Las Vegas!

by G-U on 10/14/14

Man oh man! For those of ya'll that didn't know, I recently took an 8 day "Grinding" trip out to Vegas with my homie Neema out of Seattle and man was it an experience! It was the first time I take one of these out of state trips but I can reassure you it won't be the last. There's something special about being able to approach complete strangers, play them my music and have them walk away with my CD in hand, as a fan.

I got to meet people from all walks of Life, get to hear their stories and got a chance to really build with them. I will tell you this tho, Vegas DEFINITELY kicked my ass haha. But it's an experience I won't soon forget and plan to repeat again soon. If you're reading this and were one of the new fans I made while out in Sin City, I want you to know I truly appreciate the support, whether you bought my CD or not. Thank You. And welcome to the ride, because we're far from over! One Love- GU  #NeverStopChasin  

"My Valley" Music Video

by G-U on 09/21/14

Man! In case you didn't hear, we did a video release party at The Boiling Point last night and we premiered this video right here on the big screen! It was definitely something special, and I'm happy to have My Valley's support. So with out further ado, here's the video to "My Valley". Download my new single for FREE, here.

"My Valley"

by G-U on 08/08/14

Haha, you know it was only a matter of time before I hit ya'll with new music! With all these fires and negativity around my valley, it was only right I made this. Oh, and it's a FREE DOWNLOAD too. This one's for US. #509Season 

"Keep It 100(Al Cien)"

by G-U on 06/18/14

I know it's been a minute since I've dropped some new music for ya'll so me and the homie Sir Jay got together in the studio this AM and put this together. Decided to jump on that Drake "0-100" joint and put our spin to it. Peep Jay's epic FREESTYLE at the beat change tho. Damn vato! Free download HERE

"Until The End Of Time"

by G-U on 06/16/14

  I must've been 9 or 10 years old when I first fell in love with Hip-Hop. Hearing the aggressiveness in the artist's voice and at the same time feel the funkiness of the beat had me captivated from the start. The song? "California Love"
  The irony of a young Mexican, who barely understood English, mind you, living in the middle of Washingston state and singing along to "California...knows how to party" is something that to this day causes me great laughter. I was in love with the song and wanted to know more about this "2pac". It wasn't long after that I realized he had just recently passed away and while sad about this news, I was amazed to find out how lengthy his catalog was during his short time on Earth. I got a copy of his "Greatest Hits" double album from an older cousin and it became my life's soundtrack for the next few years.
  I became a hardcore fan throughout the following years, buying every CD, movie, magazine and book 2pac related. I learned he was more than just an artist, more than just a "thug'. He was an activist, a passionate soul that wanted to see his community and like-minded communities, excel in this world. He was also one of the very few artists in the Hip-Hop community that acknowledged us Mexicans. That was HUGE for me. It finally had felt that someone like me could try and be a part of this culture I learned to love so much.
  Fast forward to present time and not much has changed in my eyes. I still constantly bump his music now and can fully appreciate from a more adult point of view. I'm only a year older than he was when he was shot and killed, and I can't even fathom being that young and accomplishing so much. Reaching legendary status, but most importantly, positively affecting so many people's lives AROUND THE WORLD.
  He showed us anything is possible. To never keep our head down and to speak up for what's right. He made me want to be a better person and help my community and people as well.

And for that, I thank you, Tupac. The Greatest Of All Time. Happy Birthday.

To download "The Silver Bullet Mixtape" for FREE, click HERE.