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   What's good world? The name is G-U and I wanna welcome ya'll to what I like to call "The Chase". This website is built to keep all of my fans updated on what I got going on musically in my life. It will be updated and ran completely by me so ya'll can read things in MY WORDS, because at the end of the day, I want yall to know who I am. I have a Dream that I plan to reach and I welcome yall to witness the chase. This main page also doubles as a "blog" as well, where I'll be posting up random things that spark my interest, whether its music videos, news, pictures of sexy girls(haha) or whatever the case may be. Feel free to comment on the randomness and enjoy my music. Let's get it.

Valley Boyz!!

by G-U on 09/23/15 and the homie Santos of Loboz Click decided to work on a project together...and I am not lying when I tell you every track has been fire! The project is coming soon, but we figured, hey let's do a quick remix over Blessings and drop a video for it. Cuz, well, we can :). Enjoy. See you Soon. #ValleyBoyz 

The Chase: Imperial Beach/Chicano Park(9-3-15)

by G-U on 09/04/15

  So today was a VERY special day for me. But let's start from the beginning. We woke up and headed down to the famous "Tacos El Gordo" for lunch and trust me when I say, they are worth the hype! Looking around the establishment at all its clientele, it was dope to see people of all races sitting down to enjoy a good meal. Reminds you that we may be all different shapes, sizes and colors but dammit, we love tacos haha

  Our next stop was Imperial Beach again, where the grind treated us lovely by selling to our first few customers. One of the new fans we made was Carlos, who worked at the beach renting out bikes people could ride around. We couldn't pass up the offer so we rented a few trikes for an hour and road around in style, hunting down unsuspecting people and turning them into fans. I had a blast, made me feel like a kid again  haha!

  After returning the bikes, we jumped on the freeway, avoided deportation(funny border patrol story on my snapchat---> gu509) and made our way to what I had been waiting for...Chicano Park.
  Ok, so something I should tell you is that I grew up dreaming about this magical place that my rap idols at the time, Kid Frost and Latino Velvet, rapped about in their songs. A place where Raza could get together without the gang bullshit and enjoy each others company. A place that embodied our culture thru murals, lowriders, families and carne asadas. So when we decided to head to San Diego, I KNEW I had to do whatever it took to make a trip to it. And it was everything I envisioned and more.

   Murals on murals on top murals...depicting the struggles and beliefs of a culture I grew up loving and believing in. There wasn't many people there(although we did get rid of a few cds haha) except for a group of women who were doing a photoshoot project and a group of what seemed to be OG's kicking it at the park. The vibe I got from the park was incredible tho, I turned into full out tourist mode. Snapping pictures left and right, walking around in awe as I witnessed the beautiful art on freeway pillars that were unknowingly being driven over every second. It was incredible and I can't wait to go back again to fully enjoy it even more.

  We continued our journey back up north but realized that it was almost game time, so we pulled over and enjoyed watching our Seahawks dominate over the Raiders in the last preseason game while we at at Hooters. Of course, we also enjoyed the good customer service and beautiful women who served us Coronas haha.
  We're back at the same Motel 6 we've been staying at in Pomona the past few days and ready for tomorrow to bring us new adventures. Got a few places on my bucket list I plan to scratch off tomorrow and I hope that it comes with making new fans at the same time. Check in with ya'll tomorrow night. Stay blessed my friends.


The Chase: San Diego/Chula Vista(9-2-15)

by G-U on 09/02/15

Waking up to the biggest "continental breakfast" I've ever had in a hotel was definitely THE way to start today. We spend the morning getting ourselves together, taking a homeboy to his college class then an hour long wait at a medical dispensary so Santos could get some..."medication" haha. 
  After we took care of the day's errands, we made our way down to San Diego, where the Padres had a game today. So we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and walk around downtown and sell cds. San Diego was cool, we didn't get a chance to hit up Chicano Park like I had hoped but we will be there tomorrow. Growing up listening to Kid Frost and Latino Velvet, Chicano Park holds a dear place in my heart and can't wait to experience it for myself.

  We dipped out to Chula Vista after a few hours in Diego and proceeded to make new fans at the Chula Vista Mall. Sold some more CD's and felt we really got to connect with the locals(Shout out to Christian, hope your dad pulls thru!). It's moments like these where it reminds me why I enjoy making music and grinding it to complete strangers. I love meeting people of all walks of life and connecting thru music. A simple one on one conversation with someone can go a long ways and I feel, is very underrated in 2015. I hope that feeling never disappears.

  After the mall we headed towards Imperial Beach, which ended up turning into a bigger mission than plan haha(GPS can be tricky!!). We got there too late to hit up people with our music but showed up just in time for an AMAZING sunset that we thoroughly enjoyed. You gotta realize something...we're small town valley boys. We don't get to see sunsets by the ocean very often, and we made sure to appreciate every minute of it. 

  Calling it a night early, we did laundry at a local laundromat and headed to our motel 6 for the night. Now we're drinking a few Coronas and getting ready to hit the pen and pad again and continue this creative flow we've had lately. See ya'll tomorrow night. Stay blessed.

The Chase: Santa Monica/Venice Beach (9-1-15)

by G-U on 09/02/15

So after last night's blog post, Santos and I proceeded to work on a new track and drink some let's just say that this morning I was definitely feeling the consequences of last night's festivities haha. But please believe that the song we were working on was definitely worth it. 
  We woke up in Montebello and decided to take our talents to Venice Beach and spread this good music to unsuspecting strangers. But...being the carefree and small town boys that we are, we ended up hitting Santa Monica Pier and gave out some CDs to the locals.There we spent a damn good hour searching for a store that sold a Square credit card swiper(shout out to Best Buy) then headed down to Venice Beach.

   What can I say about Venice Beach, maaan? It was incredible. We showed up late so there was very few people we could sell cds to, although we did sell a few. One of the new fans told me she was visiting from Germany and loved the cd. Promised to take it back to Germany and promote me with her friends.We international now, baby!!! The real treat was how amazing the beach was. It was incredible to just walk down the beach and feel that care free vibe from the locals. The waves exploding when they met the soft sand while beautiful women walked by...this definitely made me understand every lyric about California I ever heard. I will definitely be back. 

  Oh, and I almost forgot. I finally decided to release my new project "No Offseason EP" for FREE DOWNLOAD online today. I figured if I'm 2 states away promoting it, the least I could do is let all of yall get it for free while Im away. You're welcome haha.
   And as I type this, I'm sipping on a cold Modelo while staring out the balcony of a free hotel room we managed to get tonight. Funny story on that later haha. Tomorrow is grind time in San Diego. And I'm excited. 5 days left on this wonderful adventure. Let's live it up. 


by G-U on 09/01/15

And finally, here it is! My latest offering to ya'll. Lot of work went into this one, and Im excited to have ya'll soak it all up. Just click on the cover up above for your free download. Enjoy.

To download "No Offseason" EP, click HERE