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   What's good world? The name is G-U and I wanna welcome ya'll to what I like to call "The Chase". This website is built to keep all of my fans updated on what I got going on musically in my life. It will be updated and ran completely by me so ya'll can read things in MY WORDS, because at the end of the day, I want yall to know who I am. I have a Dream that I plan to reach and I welcome yall to witness the chase. This main page also doubles as a "blog" as well, where I'll be posting up random things that spark my interest, whether its music videos, news, pictures of sexy girls(haha) or whatever the case may be. Feel free to comment on the randomness and enjoy my music. Let's get it.

"Chevy" ft. E-Dub & Sinn

by G-U on 07/15/15

Man, it feels GREAT to be back!! Download the first single off "No Offseason EP" now. No Offseason on the way! 

"Iz You Bout That" Official Music Video

by G-U on 02/21/15

Excited to share this new video with yall. When the homie Young Cash hit me to jump on this song last year, we both knew it had to have the proper visual to accompany it...and I'll be damned if ESP Films didn't put together a great video. This was fun as hell to shoot too! We got more on the way! Never know the rest.

Big Dreams and Bigger Risks

by G-U on 02/18/15

  Life's a trip, homes. I don't know a better way to start this off than with that statement. Ever since I heard that phrase, it stuck with me. I must have been 12 or 13 when I first heard it(from where, I have no idea) but it intrigued me. What did it really mean? Why was it a trip? 

  It took me getting older and actually "growing up" to fully understand what it meant. See, you can have the greatest plans in the entire world, down to the tee...and then Life will throw you a curve ball you NEVER expected. Then you have to call an audible(of course it's a football analogy) and figure out how you'll react to this unexpected hurdle. And in that instance, you might learn something new about yourself. A new way to take Life's punches and keep going with the same goal in mind you had in the beginning. And who knows? It might make you rethink your original goal and take you somewhere else...where you're supposed to be. That's where the "trip" comes to play.
   I've been making music for about 11 years now, and I've always been fixated on that as my main passion. I've felt this is what I was born to do, to share my thoughts and stories to help inspire other individuals. To show them a better way. To let them know Dreams DO come true. But it doesn't come without risk and sacrifice.
  Like I said, it's been 11 years since I've been on this pursuit. I've lost friends, girlfriends and job opportunities that could have turned into a financially successful career. But I've always stayed focused on this dream. This is what I know. What I LOVE. I took the risks to get where I'm at now and I know to get "big", I have to take even bigger risks. 
  Will it pay off? Will the sacrifices be worth it? Who really knows? All I know is I don't want to be that 80 something year old grandpa telling my grandchildren "I could have been something great but I never tried." Naw, fuck that. That's not the role model I want to be to my future kids, grandchildren and to the kids now. I want to be able to say I at least tried. Because this Life makes it too easy to quit. And quitting is for suckers.

Life's a trip, homes. 

"Love is crazy..."

by G-U on 02/15/15

Valentine's Day weekend has come and gone but you know we couldn't leave ya'll hanging without some new music! Happy to re-introduce the homegirl Laughterz(formely of Classy Ladies ENT out of Pasco) with her new joint. "Love Crazy" featuring Uncommon Music artist Dacia Blynx. Love makes us do crazy things man, shit, we all been there, right? Hit that download!!

2015 and Beyond...

by G-U on 01/05/15

Man! Already a new year...and with a new year comes new changes. 2014 was a good learning experience for both Juan and I. From grinding out shows to selling CD's in Vegas, it was a great starting point to what we are trying to build. I'm happy to announce we've started to expand our roster of talent and proudly introduce Playboy Beatz. The first producer of Never Stop Chasin' LLC, he's brought a lot of good ideas to the table. Excited to continue to build this movement with him at our side. Make sure you check out his beats right here and let us know if you're interested in purchasing anything. And it begins...

To download "The Silver Bullet Mixtape" for FREE, click HERE.