"No Offseason EP" by G-U
"Crown's off" by G-U
Blu Noze
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Blu Noze
"Golpes" by Valley Boyz

  It wasnt until at 19 I began experimenting with friends in a home recording studio and slowly this became a big interest in my life. This evolved quickly and it became a competitive passion that allowed me to express myself. At 21, I began to take making music more seriously and made effort to write and record a small collection of songs, using the troubled and low points in my life as the fuel for my music.

  Now 23, I am gearing up for my first official project to be released titled: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Having been blessed to do shows across the state, and open up for big names in front of large crowds, I am now taking my music to the next level and eager to see what lies ahead.
   Coming from humble beginnings, I was born in Central Washington and raised there most of my life. Raised by a single mother, we frequently moved in order for my mother to find work to support her two kids. For the most part a good kid, my personality and behavior changed more and more because of the unstable environment around me.

   Enrolled at Ephrata High School at 14, the next few years proved to be the turning point for me. During this time I saw drugs, crime, gangs and continued poverty become a familiar factor in my life, both by choice and circumstances outside of my control.

   Rebellious and distancing myself from family, I made bad choices that got me in trouble with the law. It wasnt until after getting in trouble with the law I was left with no friends and not much else to turn to. This was a low point in my life.

 It was at this time that poetry became a personal outlet for me to let out my emotions. Having been a fan of rap music since the third grade, artists like DMX, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Bone Thugs had provided the music to my adolescence. Poetry and Music for the first time had been my only friends. Up to this point, me making Rap music had not seriously crossed my mind. 

Blu Noze
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