"No Offseason EP" by G-U
"Crown's off" by G-U
Blu Noze
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Blu Noze
"Golpes" by Valley Boyz
Playboy On The Beat
  Music is something that I've always liked and wanted to learn how to make. When I was in high school, one of my friends introduced to me to Fruity Loops studio because he knew I was passionate and wanted to make music. I began getting familiar with FL but truly didn't take it serious. This was in part due to the fact that I began getting into trouble, going in and out of jail often until I got kicked out of my house.

    Going to jail and not having a place to live made me realize that i was going in
the wrong direction fast. I learned that if you're doing bad things you're only going to end up in jail or dead and that's not what I want for myself. Instead i want to be succesful, enjoy life, and not have to struggle with bills. But to achieve that, I knew I had to start working hard and take my music dream seriously.

    I dove back into making beats and began surrounding myself with other producers and artists. I had to surround myself with like minded individuals with the same goals as me so I could turn my dreams of making money, music and a better life into a reality. 

    Now I'm part of the Never Stop Chasin' team and there is no looking back. Let's see where this music takes me.
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